Easy, reliable price structure

Online Tr@nslation Service

Unlike other translation agencies, we don't charge per line or page, as all modern documentation software have statistics or word-count commands.

This way we know what we have to do - and you know the cost. All you need to do is count the words in your document.

4 100 words English–European EUR 13
4 100 words English–Arabic EUR 18
4 100 words English–Asian EUR 29

Exception: As Asian translations usually have to be re-created in Pagemaker, there are additional costs per page.

4 1 page layout of Asian documentation EUR 13

Our base language is English. Should you require translations into English we will, of course, also provide this service, but please understand that the proofreading of the translated English text by a native speaker will incur an additional charge.

4 100 words proof-reading English EUR 6

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